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We consider ourselves to be the best driving school in Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough… but don’t just take our word for it – below is a selection of reviews from our happy and successful customers:

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Emily Cannnell

Great driving instructor. Very patient and reassuring. Helped me to pass 1st time and didn’t know a thing about driving when I first started with him. Thanks a lot.

Fedra Isakaj

Sonny is a great instructor! He’s very patient and boosts your confidence. He helped me pass first time with only 1 minor! I couldn’t find a better instructor than him!

Kalume Rettie

Sonny is a very polite and respectful and very helpful instructor he helped me adapted my ability of driving to test standards in less than a week and I passed my test today I highly recommend Sonny and driving point for learning to drive also very cheap and all in out a very wonderful person!


Sonny was an amazing Instructor. He was able to train me in 3 days and I was ready for the test and passed first time. I would definitely recommended him for anyone who wishes to pass first time. Fantastic driving school and five star service. Keep it up!

Paula Pawlikowska

Sunny is very professional and friendly with his teaching. He makes the driving experience almost stress free. He’s a very honest and down to earth guy who just wants you to be safe when driving on the road. I couldn’t recommend him enough. I have passed on the first attempt all thanks to him.

William Yates

Positive: Communication, Quality

Sonny is a great instructor, I had 20 hours with him and had never driven before. He helped me develop my driving skills and confidence and I got a pass first time. Definitely would recommend.

Thomas Gardener

Very impressed with good reliability and clear instructions and information on driving lessons with Sunny. And a first time pass on my driving test. Would definitely recommend Sunny to friends and family.

Abbie Ellies

Sonny is an amazing instructor! He made sure had a clear understanding before letting me attempt any manoeuvres as well as being a great conversationalist which helped me with any nerves. Would definitely recommend as I passed first time 🙂

Andrew Ranft

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I joined the 10 hour crash course only a couple of weeks ago and sunny managed to get me a test very quickly. After the first couple of lessons i still had a lot to improve on and with constant encouragement and explanation from my instructor i started to eradicate those mistakes. I would highly recommend driving point, i only took a 10 hour course and passed with ZERO faults. Without my instructor it wouldn’t have been possible.

Leyla Faulkner

Amazing instructor! I’ve spent years and a lot of money on driving lessons with other company’s and didn’t learn anything! But after one week with sonny I was test ready! I would recommend him to anyone! So calm and patient, and great sense of humour too!


Paige Moody

Took a 15 hours intensive course with Sunny, I had previously been with an instructor before lockdown but decided to change to driving point. Sunny was amazing from the beginning, he’s calm and makes you feel relaxed. He always makes sure if you make a mistake that you understand why you made that mistake and how to improve. I passed today 1st time with 5 minors, I’m so happy! I definitely have Sunny to thank, I didn’t think I had a chance of passing until Sunny gave me that confidence and knowledge!

Kelly Barrett

Sunny is a brilliant driving instructor. He is patient and puts you at ease. I was extremely nervous but Sunny gave me the confidence and I passed 1st time! Would highly recommend. Thank you Sunny!

Jack Allen (17/09/2020)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Very good instructor passed first time, very friendly and teaches to the highest standard! Would fully recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive! 10/10 also makes you feel comfortable. Thank you.

Tariq Saada (16/09/2020)

I started my course just over a week before my test, not knowing any manoeuvres or the proper safety steps but after 10 hours with Sunny, i felt prepared for the test and managed to pass first time. Very helpful instructor.

Conner Hughes (09/11/2020)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Sunny is amazing driving instructor! Couldn’t fault him in anyway highly recommend him!

Rhianne Grocott (11/03/2020)

Sunny was very patient and extremely helpful with everything. I am gutted to say I won’t be seeing him again but is by far the best instructor! Definitely recommend!!

Alia Fazley (07/02/2020)

Sunny is the best instructor in Northamptonshire!

Emilie Cootes (09/01/2020)

It was a pleasure learning to drive with Sunny. He was extremely patient when dealing with me being a nervous driver, and helped massively to improve my confidence on the road. All round lovely guy! would recommend 100%

Amelia Simmons (22/10/2019)

I had completely lost hope in ever being able to drive after almost 4 years of anxiety from driving lessons & failed test attempts. Sunny made me feel instantly at ease & Kept me feeling positive through the lessons. I’m extremely grateful for his patience & for having faith in me when I was struggling!! I am now PASSED & in my brand new car just after a 15hr Intensive course. Thank you SO SO much Sunny!! Couldn’t have done it without you. x

Dayla St Johnes (05/10/2019)

Sunny was my assigned driver and as soon as I stepped in the car in my first lesson, we clicked straight away. Sunny is a great instructor, he makes you feel calm and relaxed in the car, he pushes you, but not to the point where you are over stressed/not taking in information, he takes his time and his teaching methods are great, really explaining things. We was rushed for time, thinking I’d have to do more hours but we got it done in the 15 and I passed first time with only 5 minors. I would recommend sunny to anyone looking to do there lessons, I honestly don’t think I would’ve passed other wise! Thank you Sunny!!!!!

David Lewis (10/09/2019)

Being a driver who had taken a very large hiatus (of around 7 years) I knew driving was going to be no easy feat for myself. However, through Sunny’s calm and reassuring approach, he was able to boost my confidence and skill level to allow me to pass first time round. Sunny and Driving Point are a perfect combination to help people turn you into a skilled, confident and road worthy driver. I couldn’t recommend them any more!

Elayne (06/09/2019)

Sunny was an amazing instructor. He was friendly and very good at getting the right results in time for my test. He wants his students to pass first time and therefore he does push us but it is done effectively and he makes sure that we are comfortable the whole time. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. I passed 1st time with 2 minors. Thank you very much.

Kirstie Richards (28/08/2019)

Best driving instructor going, sunny made me feel so comfortable in the car I’m actually going to miss my driving buddie! Recommend 10/10 🙂

Charmaine Cumming (07/08/2019)

Sunny is so understanding and honest I wouldn’t of passed without his help and guidance. Definitely recommend him for any sort of driver starting out on the road!

Daisy Mcelvenna (05/08/2019)

Sunny is as amazing instructor as he is a person!! I had previously been through 2 driver instructors before Sunny and neither of them were nearly as committed and understanding!! He is so funny and kind and makes you feel totally relaxed and comfortable while driving. I went from being a nervous driver with Zero faith in myself to a driver who passed first time with Zero minors!!! sunny always believed in my right from the start and that belief definitely made a difference in the test! Thanks for everything Sunny x

Tynette Margolis (25/07/2019)

Sunny was an incredible instructor, helped boost my confidence with driving and within the 4 lessons we had for my intensive course managed to get my driving to pass rate standards!! Ever so grateful.

Beth Adams (04/07/2019)

Sunny was a lovely instructor who made me feel confident with my driving. I moved to him from another instructor and learnt so much from him. He is a genuine man and wants to see his pupils succeed. When the test came around he kept me calm and reassured me. I passed with 3 minors all thanks to Sunny.

Megan Taylor (02/07/2019)

Had a great experience learning with Sunny! So patient and really makes sure you’re ready for your test. No problems at all. I was really nervous having had 20 hrs prior with another instructor and done virtually no manoeuvres but I passed 1st time with 2 minors. Will recommend to all my friends looking to learn to drive. Thank you Sunny -see you on the roads!

Kemar (28/06/2019)

I passed within 2 weeks, very good driving school.

Lauren Buckingham (05/06/2019)

Sunny is an amazing instructor and I cannot recommend him enough. When I didn’t believe in myself Sunny was there to do it for me. Having a tight time limit to work by I was able to pass first time with Sunny’s help. Having gone from a nervous driver who didn’t know the basics nor how to operate a car I was guided through my lessons to become a confident and first time passer. Thanks again Sunny, we did what I thought to be impossible, you’ve been the best!

Alex Hamid (02/05/2019)

Sunny is an excellent instructor. He is knowledgeable and friendly, which makes you feel relaxed whilst you learn all you need to know about driving safely. Also the best value intensive course I could find in Northampton. Would highly recommend.

Tee Tarupiwa (25/04/2019)

Sunny is a Great teacher refined my driving and gave me more confidence and passed first time.

Steven Wootton (26/03/2019)

Sunny was a great help, ironing out all of my bad habits, tightening my manoeuvres and getting me passed first try.

Geraldien Loughran (16/03/2019)

Sunny is a good instructor would definitely recommend him when i first started driving with him I didn’t have the confidence but after a short while with sunny teaching me I became more confident and managed to pass first time with 4 minors thanks Sunny and good luck with the Future!!

Habib (20/02/219)

Fantastic instructor, gives clear instructions and not only teaches you to pass the test but also teaches you to drive safely beyond your test. Would definitely recommend him.

Connie Harris (30/01/2019)

Sunny was a great instructor and really helped me. I managed to pass first time! Would definitely recommend!!

Emily Parker (19/01/2019)

Sunny was very patient and understanding whilst I learnt to drive, I was planning on having an intensive course with him but circumstances with my job meant I was unable to do this so had to have weekend lessons instead! I learnt in 2 months and passed first time with 1 minor!! Would 100% recommend! Thank you Sunny!

Brendan Page (16/01/2019)

If it wasn’t for Driving Point i wouldn’t have passed First time with NO! faults. Massive thank you to Sunny who pushes you to be the best. If i could go back and choice a different driving instructor i wouldn’t, I believe Sunny is the best around Kettering as I was in contact with a lot of different instructors

Nathan Tarbuck (08/01/2019)

I would 100% recommended Sunny as an instructor, I only had such a short time with him but he made me feel confident and comfortable from the start, I don’t think I would’ve got a pass with 0 faults if it wasn’t for him believing in me and pushing me to drive to the best of my ability and then pushing me even further. Definitely would say to use.

Chantelle Kerdouda (02/01/2019)

Sunny is the best instructor I had… having many instructors none of them got me as confident as sunny did. Passed first time and I know I couldn’t have done it without sunny’s help, he was patient and pushed me to get to a safe driving level where I felt comfortable and confident. Thank you so much, I highly recommend sunny to anyone looking for an intensive course.

Jasmine Fayad (07/12/2018)

Sunny is the best instructor by far! I would highly recommend, especially if you need to pass quickly. I did a 20 hour intensive course with very little experience and managed to pass first time! He goes through everything in good detail and really pushes you to be your best. Can’t thank him enough!

Victoria Buggy (02/12/2018)

Went from 5 test failures with a different instructors to a pass in 3 weeks with 5 minors.
Pushes you hard to do well really cares and wants you to do well.

Steven Mullins (26/11/2018)

Sunny was a brilliant driving instructor, he’s patient, friendly and calm. His methods were fantastic and easy to understand which was exactly what I was looking for when I dove in at the deep end and booked my test before starting the 30 hours of intensive lessons. I would highly recommend Sunny to anyone! looking to learn to drive.

Ben Wickham (03/11/2018)

Excellent teacher, calm, professional and willing to go at a pace that suits you. passed with one minor and would definitely recommend to anyone in the future.

Naomi Platt (01/11/2018)

Would really recommended sunny, great driving instructor and really friendly! Was great at fitting round my commitments and got me to pass with 0 minors in less than 2 months! Thanks for everything 🙂

Shannon Oliver (30/10/2018)

As a nervous driver who hated getting in a car, Sunny made the world of difference. He’s a patient instructor who continues to make sure your knowledge of the road and driving is perfected. As a result I passed with only 3 minors and I am over the moon with the results. I definitely recommend Driving Point!

Jordan Mynott (01/10/2018)

Sunny was a great instructor and a lovely guy. He has great attention to detail and really helps iron out any silly mistakes and I felt a more confident, independent driver with Sunny than previously. I passed with 3 minors after 25 hrs with Sunny and I owe a lot of thanks to him for helping me achieve that!

Shirley (29/09/2018)

Sunny has been an amazing instructor and has helped me build confidence in driving step-by-step which resulted in me passing first time! He’s is a very patient, determined and hardworking instructor who knows everything to do with learning to drive on the road (his explanations are very easy to understand!). Once again, thank you so much Sunny for believing in me and pushing me to become a better and safer driver.

Laura Watson (07/09/2018)

Sunny is a great teacher and under his instruction I was able to pass my test first time with a 40 hour intensive course. He was very flexible working around my schedule and he was very encouraging and pushed me to do better with every lesson. Thank you Sunny for all your help!!

Emma Rose (09/08/2018)

Sunny is amazing, having come to him from another instructor and so many hours down the road I was sceptical all together but from the off he put me at ease and has such a calming effect I finally felt I had a chance of passing my test and sure enough I passed on my test first time and it’s all down to him seeing a confidence in me that I couldn’t. Thank you so much Sunny.

Hayden Tucker (05/08/2018)

Sunny really helped me pass my test, I passed first time with him and only had 2 minors. He gave great guidance and help on how to drive and how to pass my test. He worked around my hours and availability, he is a great guy and easy to get on with, couldn’t ask for a better instructor, I would definitely recommend sunny to anyone looking for an instructor, overall I’m very pleased with his teaching!

Joshua Dawson (03/07/2018)

Just passed my test first time with 0 faults thanks to the brilliant help I received from my Driving point instructor Sunny. I definitely recommend driving point if you looking to do some lessons.

Esther Bronstein (02/06/2018)

Sunny is an amazing instructor, really friendly and makes you feel relaxed while you’re on the road. Explains things really well and teaches driving in a very safe and fun manner. Had great laughs along the way, definitely recommend!

Will Allen (30/05/2018)

I would highly recommend sunny as a driving instructor. I took a 15 hour course and passed first time with 4 minors. He teaches you every single thing you need to know and too a high standard ready for your practical!! If you’re thinking about booking with Sunny do it you won’t regret it!!

Nandia (30/05/2018)

I did a 10 hours intensive course with Sunny, I had 3 previous instructors before and failed my test twice. Sunny helped me go over the things I struggled with and explained it far easier than what others taught me, he really puts you in place if you do something wrong which in my opinion, really helped because…I ended up passing my test! I was so thrilled, he is the nicest guy and definitely a good laugh.

Satveer Kaur (08/05/2018)

I strongly recommend Sunny as driving Instructor to all would be learners who want to pass their driving test in first attempt.I was not that much lucky earlier.To be honest i have wasted 40 hours plus my money on LDC but i get nothing result failed two times and lost my confidence to get through this driving anymore.But it was my luck someone suggest me to have training from Sunny once and then go for test and i did same.From the very first day with sunny i realise I have learnt nothing from 40 hours and after that i just took 10 hours training with Sunny and i cracked my test and even got complement from examiner too about my good driving. I am thankful to Sunny for his cooperation, guidance and friendly behaviour and knowledge he provided me during my practice.Sunny is a true example of teacher who plays the role of guide ,friend and philosopher in learner’s life.

Nathan Bignell (01/05/2018)

A massive Thank you to Sunny!!! Passed with just a few minors!!! This guy is a incredible instructor patient and builds your confidence in yourself and belief that anything is possible!! He goes at your pace to learn and will make sure you are 100% ready before you go for your test massive Thank you again Sunny will be booking a pass plus with you soon!!!

Tracey Machher (23/04/2018)

Book with driving point and save your time , intensive really is the best. Sunny is a great instructor very patient and thorough, everything you need to know to pass first time 🙂

Elena Aurora Mir (17/04/2018)

A big thank you! I am really happy that I passed today with just 3 minors. Lots of help from Sunny and his patience worth a million. I couldn’t do this without his guidance. Once again a massive thank you!very pleased and I will always recommend Driving Point to learners!

James Sheppard (02/04/2018)

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor; Suni was professional, friendly and a great teacher. When I struggled with something, he looked at it in a different way until I fully understood how to operate the car, deal with the roads and not be intimidated by other road users. I highly recommend the intensive course and Driving Point for anybody that wants to get behind the wheel. After 40 hours, I was nervous but fully prepared, and managed to pass first time with only 2 minors. It speaks volumes for how good an instructor I had, that I knew exactly where I made those mistakes and can improve my driving immediately. Thank you very much for everything!

Joanna Brown (08/03/2018)

I was a very nervous driver and I tried lots of different driving instructors over the years and just couldn’t stick with one.After starting an intensive course with Sunny, I managed to pass my test  with a few minors! He is a great instructor and let’s you learn at your own pace. Would definitely recommend! Thanks so much Sunny!

Stephen Williams (18/02/2018)

I passed my driving test on the 13/2/2019 with only 5 minors, Sunny is a great instructor, he is friendly and he explains in a way that you can understand that suits you as a learner and I would recommend him to my friends, thank you again Sunny

Amber Webb (25/01/2018)

Having failed a while ago with a different instructor I decided to try a 20 hour intensive course and I am so pleased I did because today I passed my test! Sunny is a great, he puts you at ease, has a lot of patience and is a very good instructor. I definitely recommend him.

Gabby Smith (09/01/2018)

I passed my driving test yesterday and still can’t believe it! I wouldn’t have passed this quickly if it wasn’t for the great intensive course that Driving Point provides. Sunny was a great instructor and no matter how I was feeling we would always end up having a good laugh on my lessons. His way of instructing was easy to understand and in the end allowed me to perfect my manoeuvres so that I went into my test with a real confidence to pass, thanks Sunny!

Gavin Dillon (03/11/2017)

Passed today with Sunny, can honestly say I’d never have passed without him and I’d recommend anyone to use him, he goes way above and beyond and it felt like he took a strong personal interest in my learning and passing. Took me from being miles away to passing my test after about 12-14 hours, which is unbelievable. His techniques and tips are easy to remember and understand, simplifies everything. Thanks a lot mate!!!!

Zoey Foster (01/11/2017)

I am super happy today passing my driving test with only 4 minors after a 20 hours intensive course. Thank you so much sunny you are the best instructor I’ve had by far and will definitely recommend you to other people. See you on the road 🙂

Dan Prince (19/10/2017)

OMG! I have just passed my test today . This is the most happiest moment of my life . Sunny is amazing and the best instructor by far . I thought i could do it on my own but still needed to stick to his ideas and Technics and it was a straight forward pass. Thanks Sunny . Thanks Driving point!

Josh Burbage (07/09/2017)

I passed my test with only 1 minor after a 40 intensive course. Sunny is a great instructor who works at your own pace. We had to cut a lesson short due a brief panic from myself and he completely understood and worked around my schedule.

Claudia Slater (30/08/2017)

I passed my test today first time with only two minors after my 30 hour course with sunny….I loved my lessons with sunny because he taught me in a way that I fully understood everything I was doing which made me feel much more confident with my driving. I didn’t pick everything up straight away but sunny was great and after just three weeks of lessons I’ve been able to pass 🙂 thank you so much to driving point and especially to sunny! I couldn’t be happier, would absolutely recommend to everyone!!!!!

Elliott Barber (23/08/2017)

Sunny is a great driving instructor and a really nice guy. I didn’t feel nervous with him and he made it really easy to understand where I was going wrong. I done 30hours spread over 4 weeks and passed 1st time with 4 minors…… says it all really I would definitely recommend Sunny.

Jed Holmes (14/08/2017)

Sunny had instructed me so well that it allowed me to pass my practical test first time! Sunny had insured that we had covered everything in the 30 hours of lessons I had booked. This meant that I felt prepared and confident enough in my ability to go to the test. I am so glad that I chose Driving Point as the service that was provided was brilliant for the affordable price. Sunny and Driving Point went above and beyond for me, I really appreciate it. Brilliant company, I highly recommend.

Trav Hillyer (02/08/2017)

What can I say about Sunny? The man is an absolute legend, I started with no confidence what so ever and he built me up and worked his time around me so that I passed first time. Can not thank him enough, highly recommended great instructor!!!

Conor McColgan (21/07/17)

At the start of the intensive course I was a little nervous, however Sunny soon made me feel confident. I passed, with 2 minors after 20 hours of lessons.Thank you Driving Point!

Jenny Highton (26/06/17)

Sunny is an amazing instructor! I was very nervous with no confidence and within just a few hours he had changed that completely. He was so flexible around my crazy schedule and was really patient with me. He really made me feel at ease and often made me laugh til it hurt! I have finally (after putting it off for 12 years!) learnt to drive and passed my test and I couldn’t be more grateful to Sunny! Thank you! 🙂

Chelsea Wharton (22/05/17)

I did a 25 intensive course, and Sunny was amazing, he was flexible with times, easy to get along with, offered lots of needed advice. I passed very quickly which is what I hoped for, I couldn’t have done it with out him

Georgina Elsden (15/05/17)

I took a 15 hour course with Sunny and passed with 5 minors. He is so easy going and makes you feel comfortable and not stressed at all. Really don’t think I could’ve done it without him! Thanks a lot Sunny 🙂

Shannon Holt (28/04/17)

I recently passed with sunny with five minors after learning for years he was able to put everything together and get me through to the test within three weeks of driving after all my years of learning and many different instructors he was patient precise and very efficient there was no long chats eating into the driving time just practical efficient lessons that made me enjoy driving…a great instructor who tells it as it is and has a very high standard for his pupils…well worth the money for me to finally be passed. Shannon holt.

David Waite (11/04/17)

Sunny as an instructor to recommend with a course tailored to me he worked with me and turned me from a nervous driver to a confident driver with a pass I can’t thank you enough Sunny I will be recommending you to all friends and family thank you again.

Liam Treacy (14/03/17)

Sunny has been an absolute diamond, his hard work and determination really paid off, resulting in a pass today. His hard work ethic is outstanding despite having to tailor his days around my busy work schedule, he always found a way. Thank you again, given the circumstances I couldn’t have done it without you.

Peter Fildes (19/02/17)

I took a 20 hour intensive course as wanted to pass as quick as possible, Sunny is brilliant !! very calm and patient and trains you really well in a way you will find easy. Great person who will make you feel calm and relaxed straight away and has a passion for his job. I passed first time with 1 minor and this was all down to Sunny can’t thank him enough for his help. would definitely recommend to anyone…

Remi Appleton (25/01/17)

I took a 5 hour intensive course with Sunny after struggling to pass with my previous instructor due to nerves. Sunny made me feel really calm and relaxed. He made everything seem so simple which was very reassuring. I would definitely recommend and I can’t thank him enough for helping me finally pass.

Daniel Lenton (14/01/17)

I came from having a full bike license and Sunny made the transaction from bike to car easy. He’s patient, understanding and will find the best way to teach you as an individual. I passed first time, but most of all I really enjoyed my time driving with Sunny and will have to now get used to being in a car with out him in the passenger seat.

Sam Vaughan (16/12/16)

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Sunny for getting me through my lessons and helping me pass my test with 3 minors. I was a complete newbie to it all and did the 30 hour course Sunny was really flexible with hours and helped me to be the best driver I could be thanks again Sunny!

Tash (26/11/16)

I really really enjoyed my lessons with Sunny, and now I’ve passed, I feel pretty sad that the lessons are over! He pays lots of attention to detail, because he wants you to be the best driver you can be, and he’s incredibly patient with you when you need things explaining. He’s also so easy to talk to. Overall, a great experience!!!

Jamillah Hall (24/10/16)

Sunny is an amazing teacher!! He is very patient and explains things in a way that you just it first time!!! I had a ten hour intensive course and came to him worried and nervous about passing and learning the manoeuvres. He had me doing the manoeuvres near enough perfect on day one of the course and by the second day and was confident. On the third day I went on to pass my driving test with 0 minor faults!!!! That is all thanks to him and his wonderful advice. Sunny is a credit to the driving Instructor world and I wish you all the best for the future!!!!!

Will Hyslop (16/09/16)

Sunny was a fantastic instructor who balanced teaching with friendship making the atmosphere in the car so easy to work with. His constant guidance and thorough explanations made it extremely clear what had to be done. I passed with 3 minors.

Lyndsey Gibson (22/08/16)

I passed with 1 minor because Sunny is a great teacher. He is thorough and makes driving easy to understand. If you do not get to grips with something, he finds different ways of  trying to help you understand. He also make sure you are comfortable, not nervous and calm as you can be which is the most important thing. Thank you Sunny for all the help.

Mitchell Williams (09/08/16)

Sunny is a great instructor, helped me all the way through and made all lessons work around my busy schedule. He allows you to go at your own pace but also gets you to a good level in a short period of time. Nice guy and would recommend to anyone.

Kathryn Elizabeth (25/07/16)

I just want to say that I am extremely pleased with my experience with Sunny. I booked 35 hour intensive course and I manage to pass first time with only 2 minor fault. Sunny is extremely good at attention to detail and made sure I was as prepared as I could be, whilst also being great fun to talk with. He did not just teach me to pass my test he taught me how to drive and now I’m qualified I shall still be hearing his voice in my head guiding me to be an excellent driver. Thank you so much Sunny – you are awesome and I would recommended you to everyone.

Aliona Barova (26/03/16)

I moved to Driving Point from different driving instructor and it was by far the right choice. Sunny taught me in a patient and kind manner and was very flexible.I have enjoyed our lessons very much and I loved his professional approach in explaining the details as they are really important to know to pass the practical test. After 2 weeks of lessons I passed first time and can’t thank Sunny enough. I would highly recommend him and Driving Point to anyone thinking about learning to drive. Thank you again for teaching me – you were great.

Oliver Baily (31/03/16)

Sunny is a calm, patient instructor who delivers his well planned lessons thoroughly and in great detail. In just 20 hours he took me from a novice driver with relatively no experience to passing my test first time. Extremely flexible with his lessons times, fitting the student into their own timetable. Even explaining complicated junctions or roundabouts in your test area to ensure you are fully ready to pass your test first time. I cannot recommend Sunny and Driving Point highly enough to any learner driver!

Jade Pettit (14/03/16)

I am very pleased with the service Driving Point and Sunny provided as he did as best he could with helping me understand how to drive. He wasn’t too persistent, and he didn’t push me too hard so that I gave up. I passed on the second test that I did and I thank Sunny very much for that.

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